Zwanger enzo | Childbirth
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Labor and rupture of membranes: when to contact

Between 37 and 42 weeks of pregnancy childbirth can start. Everything for the 37th week is too early. After 42 weeks, the recommendation is to induce childbirth in hospital.


Childbirth can start with the rupture of the membranes or with contractions. You’ll get here more information on the consultation on.

When you need the midwife, please call this number: 06- 232 95 662.

Pain relief

Giving birth hurts, but every birth is different. How much pain you will have, no one can predict. There are many ways to ease the pain. With or without medication. At home and in the hospital. Following a pregnancy course can help cope with the pain. Of course, the midwife is there to guide you in this.

For many women it is enough to be massaged during labor and to assume various positions. In addition, a source of heat is a good reliever of the pain. This can be in the form of a bottle of hot water, but also in the form of hot water, such as a shower or a bath.

If you’d want to have medication for pain relief, there are several possibilities. The midwife will explain to you.